You Were Right Five Years Ago

— for my daughter on the day Roe v Wade was reversed

In answer to your worry, ratcheted up
by all the world, I offered that the ship
would right itself. It was a platitude I
believed then

as I ticked off all the ringing pinball
bumpers that should keep the ball
honest. I know now not to mix
those metaphors and that insight

need not be linear. I should have
known it then, but when you asked
if we had a strategy I only told you,
we the people, we the people,
you and me,

About the Poem

A remembered conversation I had on the porch with my daughter back in 2017. She worried, rightly as it turns out, that the guardrails were gone.

About the Author

Sara Clancy has been writing mostly apolitical poems for over 50 years. These days that seems impossible, or imprudent, or both. Her chapbook, “Ghost Logic” won the 2017 Turtle Island Quarterly Editors Choice Award.

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