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They insist he’s a hero, a champion of all men.
They insist his word is sacred, an oath to follow.
They insist
They insist
They insist.
They insist her word is a lie, a malicious trap,
A heinous act,
An attempt to dethrone their king,
Their golden boy,
Their winged seraph, a beacon of light.
He’s not a human trafficker, how could he be?
He owns 33 cars: Bugattis, Ferraris, Lamborghinis.
You think he’s a human trafficker
because he doesn’t recycle his pizza boxes?
Nice try, Greta Thunberg.
You can’t prove anything.
Women are blind to the truth, they say.
Idiots, morons,
Sluts, whores,
They insist
They insist
They insist.
And what are we to do?
Who can change the mind of a man
With faith in another, rooted deeper
Than the likes of Christianity;
Men who are blind to the truth.
Open your eyes, little pawn,
We insist.

About the Poem

This poem was inspired by the news of Andrew Tate being arrested for human trafficking, along with allegations of rape. The arrest was made possible due to his internet “fight” with Greta Thunberg about not recycling, in which he verified his location by throwing out a Romanian pizza box instead of recycling it. Despite his charges, he has thousands of male followers who continue to defend him on social media. Andrew Tate’s popularity, level of influence, and the aggressive increase in misogyny from his many fans are frightening.

About the Author

Lauren MacKenzie is a student in her final semester of undergrad at Trent University. She hopes to pursue a Master’s in Public Texts and a career in publishing. She enjoys crocheting scarves, embroidery, and being an outspoken feminist.

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