Vibrant face of depression

Dead Poets Society (1989 film): Public Domain

Another flick, a spark
once more awakened the past
Illustrating memories
are alive and always last

I recall your visage with
its veins, its charm, and grace
Some invisible griefs
behind of that bony face

your tender artistic look
at a silly Rubik’s parts
Made your endless affection
indwelled into our hearts

You were our J. Keating in Weir’s intelligent mind
And that remembrance fest
that you held; one of a kind

For the liveliest madman
we had toasted and we cheered
But I saw a bloody band
on your wrist was appeared

You smoked and you spoke
with your own personal tone:
“A dead soul would never need all of these; to be well known,”

“Look the living, hey kiddo!
and cherish their real worth.”
I stared at the white band:
accessible, open source…

I thought it should be a band;
you could have tied with care
Upon a pretty girl’s
flowing and blonde hair

Not as a merciless rope
tight around the skinny neck
But like a sign of love
danced by the wind in every lake

hey, my friend! don’t be sad
let me exactly define:
Ne’er tribute to a dead
but is a lasting wound of mine.


About the Poem

I wrote the poem “Vibrant Face of Depression” in memory of a dear friend who tragically took his own life at the age of 25. He believed that no dead person requires our attention or love. As a great metaphor, once he celebrated and organized a magnificent commemoration ceremony for one of our friends the living! This event served to appreciate both that friend and the also living.  He was an extraordinary individual who had a profound impact on my life.
That’s why every news about suicide affects me deeply and relives this trauma, yet is a chance as well, for remember and pay attention to the living.
I know he doesn’t need my attention anymore, but I do. So, with love, dedicated to Atbin Moradian.

About the Author

Sara Samarbaf is a cinéphile and has been writing poetry and short stories for over 17 years when she was a BA student at Art University; mostly focussing on or in the mood for Cinema.

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