The robber barons, feeling guilt,
so kindly had libraries built;
and all those centers for the arts
were lots of fun for old, rich farts.

But these are days when no one cares
except for getting likes and shares
and culture’s mainly throwing rocks
at others in a Skinner box.

Supposedly free speech we lack —
just wait ’til Donald Trump gets back;
all praise to awesome Elon Musk
for showing us that Twitter sucks.

About the Poem

It was easy enough getting rid of Donald Trump but how do we get rid of Elon Musk?

About the Author

Wortley Clutterbuck busks poems in downtown Charlottesville VA, a block from where Thomas Jefferson hung out (and trafficked slaves). Recent work in Quadrant (Australia), Pacific Review (USA) and Stand (UK). He also understands cats.

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