Snow Hollow

Climbing through ice caverns
our refrigerated sweat crystalized
on cheekbones while long sleeve shirts
clung to damp arms like naked tongues
stuck to aluminum bars inside a freezer.

Dripping moisture created frosty columns
replaced calcium salt pilasters—hanging
stalactites above, rising stalagmites below—rivaled
sights inside the bosom of Lake Shasta’s caves:
glimmering cavalcades welcoming our descent.

Crystalized ivory pillars held the ceiling like Atlas,
allowed walls to shimmer, refracted harsh light,
shielded icy cavities from fiery sunrays,
assured a dry chill, maintained frosty slopes:
a frozen blanket ideal for snowboarding.

About the Poem

In the past week, Union, WA has been besieged by snowstorms, causing power outages for days, blocking roads, felling trees, etc. “Snow Hollow” reflects on the obvious but concludes on a positive note with regard to the icy weather.

About the Author

An author, poet, and educator, Sterling Warner’s works have appeared in many journals and anthologies such as SPARKS OF CALLIOPE, VERSE-VIRTUAL, and THE FIB REVIEW. His poetry/fiction collections include RAGS & FEATHERS, SERPENT’S TOOTH, FLYTRAPS, and MASQUES: FLASH FICTION. Currently, Warner writes, participates in “virtual” poetry readings, and enjoys retirement.

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