Russian Spat

London’s lost its manners
Crimean confrontation
The U.K. plays it down
Russia cranks it up

prepared to sail

turbining water warplanes

shots fired
—a warning!

more exercises
for gunnery and naval

Kremlin’s gambit
London’s retort

to Russo acquisition
of Crimea from Ukraine
(not the U.K.)

Cape Fiolent
for violent

planned provocation
bomb on target
if violated

conflicting accounts
respect demanded?
or appeal to common sense?

defense ministry attack jets
HMS Defender

Who’s lying?

Who’s not?

About the Poem

The navies of Russia and the Western countries continue posturing in Crimea’s disputed waters. While these types of situations occur every year, this particularly poignant back-and-forth is still going on. It’s indicative of a growing outright hostility with Russia that suggests bigger confrontations to come.

About the Author

Ethan Cunningham’s short works appear in print, on stage, and on-screen, but most recently in
Abstract Elephant, Ygdrasil, and New Plains Review. He is a daily newshound and deeply concerned about the state of world affairs.

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