Red Raining Over Israel


Violence ringing out like a stray bullet

Killing everything it touches dead

As babies are beheaded in front

of their beaten and whimpering parents

And elderly people are kidnapped

It rains the color red over Israel

Death becomes the siren

A symbol of imminent demise

The rooms of each house

Are now bloody graveyards

Where soldiers collect the bodies

And only clouds of dark smoke cover the sky

The land is on fire as survivors hide

Ultimately, no one wins,

because everyone dies.

About the Poem

This poem is about the horrible attacks being done to the people of Israel and the reality of violence.

About the Author

K.G. Munro is an author and poet. Here are a few of her writing credits: Indian Periodical, Ink Pantry, The Wombat Post, Pawners Papers, Reformed Journal, FreshOutMag, Spillwords, Scottish Book Trust, Mad In America, Earthly Comforts and Humans Of The World Blog.

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