Our Ukraine

The war in Ukraine, a tale of pain,
Mobilization, preparations for war again,
Initial engagements, battles fierce,
Crimea taken, hearts filled with tears.

Escalation, the fighting intensifies,
Separatists supported by Russian allies,
Stalemate, trench warfare now the norm,
Both sides entrenched in a deadly storm.

Attrition, the war brings such loss,
A heavy price paid, at an immense cost,
Negotiations, attempts to find peace,
But the fighting continues, never to cease.

Occupation, reconstruction, a dream,
The region in ruins, it does seem,
A war without end, a tale of woe,
The people of Ukraine caught in a never-ending flow.

But hope still shines, a beacon bright,
Through the darkness, a guiding light,
The strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people,
Will not be broken, will not be diminished, will not be.

With unity and determination,
A brighter future awaits, with great elation,
For Ukraine, a land of beauty and pride,
Will rise again, with strength and dignity by its side.

Slava Ukraine

About the Poem

Tells the story of the plight of Ukraine but reflects the spirit and determination of its people.

About the Author

Garry is a writer and artist. He has lived in Ukraine since 2011 but was forced out of his home by the Russian invasion in February 2022. He has relocated his family to Europe until they can return home and help rebuild.

9 thoughts on “Our Ukraine”

  1. A heart-touching poem. For me, as a Ukrainian, everything is so close to me. I am glad that Ukraine became a second motherland for you. Thank you for this poem

  2. Absolutely brilliant, really really inspiring. Garry, thank you for your words of support in our fight for integrity. You are a true Ukrainian in soul!!!

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