Not Over COVID-19

Photo of the author by Sok Ho Song

First came a headache to fell an ox,
a dull inconvenience to be sure,
followed by cold symptoms ‘round the clock
which squished my brain to miniature,
shrink-wrapped in a sinus block. The cures
of NyQuil and Advil, syrup and pill,
I’ve ingested daily orally ‘til
I’m dazed as a deer who’s caught in the light
of a passing car that if kind would kill
me outright … or knock me out for the night.

About the Poem

I first tested positive for the Coronavirus on my birthday which was a drag but it’s definitely a birthday I’ll never forget.

About the Author

A literary grantee of Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation and Curious Elixirs: Curious Creators, Drew Pisarra is the author of “You’re Pretty Gay” (short story collection, 2021), “Infinity Standing Up” (poetry collection, 2019), and “The Strange Case of Nick M.” (radio play, 2021).

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