Morocco 2023

The Khamsas fall in Moroccan halls
As spirits fly away and mourners pray
Marrakech feels God’s fearful fist
Atlas quakes,
Riads break,
And solace cries
beneath rubble slides
Where missing names become a list

What now will the Chabbi say?
What sadness will the Gimbri play?
They weave an eternal lullaby—
Endi baba wa
Endi mama
Doma miyo
H’tah fil nom—
Witnessed by a sea of white.

Lullaby translation:
I have my daddy
And I have my mommy
Always with me
Even in sleep


About the Poem

I have tried to encapsulate the events in Morocco after the horrific earthquake this past week, where thousands have died. The world convulses in pain with the people of Morocco.

About the Author

Dale Hensarling is an artist, author, and musician living in Phoenix, Arizona with his puppies and a parrot named “Pongo.” He teaches Creative Writing in Laveen. He got his MFA in Creative Writing from Lindenwood University. 

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