Malleable History

Image: Darkness by Ami Prasad

a meek friend of mathematics
has long grappled with a factual identity crisis
cooked by the privileged ones
under the guardianship of intellectual colored minds,
as far as the memory of human origin serves,
one that suffers from dementia over the long term.

more malleable and less precious than gold
has been cut into appetizing
slices with the prickly skin peeled,
dipped in brine and pickled in oil
a platter carefully crafted
to satisfy the contemporary tastebuds.

more gray and less firm than clouds
the cooking style decided by the dietary
preferences of our forefathers
some salivating over a medium-rare steak
some gormandizing mashed potatoes with salt and pepper
their digestive systems intertwined with our fates.

About the Poem

The 1776 Commission report intended to advance a version of U.S history that would ‘restore patriotic education’ in schools made history look like water taking the shape of the container.

About the Author

Ami lives quietly in noisy New York City and writes poetry when she is not working in finance to pay her bills.

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