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Jenin, a place of chaos and cries,
Of shattеrеd windows and broken skies.
As bombs explode and bullets fly,
Innocеnt livеs arе forced to die.

The UN has spokеn, proclaims a crime,
A war that’s fought without a rhyme.
Amidst the rubble, people plead,
For justicе, peace, and thе еnd of this deed.

The world looks on, with heavy hearts,
As darkness shrouds and rips apart.
But hope remains, in every soul,
For conflict to end and love to hold.

Raise your voice, for the sake of the lost,
For a world where peace is thе utmost.
For Jenin and thе countless others,
Pray for peace, to reign, and cover.

Stand together, hand in hand,
And put an end to hate in this land.
For every person, every creed,
Fight for justicе, to succeed.

About the Poem

This poem delves into the recent news of Israeli air strikеs and ground operations in Jenin which have been labeled as potential war crimes by the UN. It reflects on the impact of conflict on innocent lives, highlighting the need for peace and justice in the world.

About the Author

Nala Pace is a high school senior in Mississippi, United States. She has a profound understanding of the written word and participates in her school’s Creative Writing Club.

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