Homelessness in Denver


Amidst the bustling streets, where life moves fast,
There walks a man who’s been living in the past.
With an intimate knowledge of Denver’s roads,
He’s spent eleven years outside, without a home.

In the shelters, he’s not welcome, their doors are shut tight,
And even if he could get in, he couldn’t afford a bite.
The rent prices too high, for his empty pockets to bear,
“How are you supposed to live?” he asks with despair.

His story is not unique, for Denver’s streets are filled,
With the unhoused population, that’s increasing – never still.
The root of the problem is housing, so they say,
Every dollar not spent on it is misappropriated away.

This ode to homelessness in Denver, speaks of a man and his plight,
A symbol of a larger issue, that needs to be brought to light.
For every homeless person, there’s a story to be told,
Of a life without a home, and a future left to unfold.

About the Poem

Homelessness is an ever-increasing pandemic. People are left behind to suffer the fate of the streets. This is inspired by the short article about a man living on the streets in Denver, CO.

About the Author

Garry is a struggling human and writer. Trying to fit into life wherever he can. The Russian invasion forced him from his home, and he currently lives in Europe. Garry often feels one step away from being homeless.

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