Got Your Goat

The 4-H program, Shasta County Fair
has reaped a world of trouble we just read.
A little girl asked them her goat to spare
but no, authorities wanted it dead.
The child was taught to care and feed her goat
though scheduled to be slaughtered, this she knew.
But when she fell in love she had no vote
and it was auctioned for a barbeque.
They would not bend the rules for love or money
The mother begged and offered to repay.
But Shasta, trapping more with guns than honey
journeyed 500 miles to seize their prey.
Now law enforcement’s set a lower bar.
It’s just a goat, not Pablo Escobar.

About the Poem

Today in the LA Times was an astounding article about the Shasta County Fair and 4-H Club refusing to spare the life of a goat that a little girl had come to love. She knew it was to be auctioned off for slaughter but couldn’t go through with it. Madness ensued.

About the Author

Penny Peyser is a writer, actress and documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Her first book, “Sonnets From Suburbia: More Candles Than Cake” is available on Amazon.

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