(comes to ‘town hall’ New Hampshire)

Photo by Jeremy Nathan Marks

Tonight, we were struck
in the head and left for dead
the referee didn’t bother
to count because the powers
that be decided we’ve been
counted out

Which is a shame since
we entered the ring watchful
this time sensing the jab dodging
that uppercut (even handing the ref
our smelling salts) we’ve spent
several years training to keep our
guard up

And yet, down we went again
felled by a blow we should have seen
but were lulled to sleep because our opponents
write psalms to judges who sing those notes
in familiar tones the melodies various but well-known

Goliath, we were favored

But our near death
is part of some scriptural
plan of original intent in a land
where all the ratings are strong the stocks
good looking and the children of Senators
remain bastards

Yes, tonight’s town hall shows
how once again we’ve been struck
by a rock but are prone to blame
the stone since we still don’t see the one
that slung it when will we turn our attention
to the laws of motion.

About the Poem

Like so many people, I was disturbed by CNN’s decision to give former President Trump a forum to gaslight the American people (again). It occurred to me as I wrote this poem, that the American people are not in a David vs Goliath struggle against big business, big media, and “The Big Lie.” But rather, the American people are Goliath, and Trump/CNN/Fox, etc. are David who have crafted a psalm they keep singing which casts them as “the little guy.” They are not. We the people are the much maligned Goliath.

About the Author

Jeremy Nathan Marks lives in the Great Lakes Region of Canada. He is the author of the collection, Of Fat Dogs & Amorous Insects (Alien Buddha Press, 2021). He holds two passports.

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