Endurance in March 2022



frigid… stunned


    all… odds


international treaty

man’s will
    to survive

About the Poem

I don’t know if it’s an accepted poetic form to write erasure poetry from the spoken word. But when — after a 14-day news cycle of crimes against humanity in Ukraine — NBC reporter Anne Thompson ended the 3/9/22 Nightly News with these words about the discovery of Ernest Shackleton’s long-lost ship Endeavor under frozen Antarctic waters — “Protected by an international treaty, the ship must not be disturbed.” — I had to try. (This poem is taken from the words of reporter Anne Thompson and Endurance22 expedition leader John Shears.)

About the Author

Elizabeth Edelglass is a fiction writer and book reviewer who finds herself writing poetry in response to today’s world—personal, national, and global. Her fiction has won the Reynolds Price Fiction Prize, the William Saroyan Centennial Prize, the Lilith short story contest, and the Lawrence Foundation Prize from Michigan Quarterly Review. Her poem “No Mention” recently won third prize in the Voices of Israel Reuben Rose poetry competition.

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