City Garden

Image by Laura Daniels

The community garden where I grow tomatoes,
green peppers, zucchini, and gladiolas.
My little piece of heaven – twelve by twelve
what more could I ask for – an abandoned
tennis court – upcycling at its best.

A tall eight-foot fence surrounds the garden.
The inside divided into sixty individual plots
each numbered and separated – just enough land for me to tend.
My happy soul flourishing in the dirt – with the soil
sweaty brow, gardening hands, sore muscles
bonding with the earth in a whole new way.
Meeting my neighbors – sharing our bounty
gardening in the city – who knew it was possible?

The community garden where I grow hopeful
abundant dreams of good things to come.
My little piece of heaven – small but mighty
peacefully tending the crops – spreading cultivated joy
wishing for more places – my little garden.

About the Poem

I adopted Double Nichols (also known as Mt Arlington Community Garden Plot# 55) in Spring 2021. Like many adoptions, we started slowly to see what each had to offer. I fell in love instantly. The first year was wonderful, so I planted again in 2022.
But 2022’s weather was a lot different than 2021. In 2021, there was lots of rain. In 2022 the rain did not come. My plants did the best that they could do. Luckily Double Nichols gets lots of shade in the afternoon. I am harvesting lots of zucchinis and tomatoes. But the harvesting season will be shorter this year due to the drought.

About the Author

Laura Daniels is a prolific writer for adults and children. Founder of the Facebook blog The Fringe 999 – publishes creative endeavors daily. She’s been published in the Visible Ink 2021/2022 Anthology and New Jersey Bards Poetry Review 2022 and is an active member of Women Who Write, Inc. She lives with her family in Mount Arlington, New Jersey.

15 thoughts on “City Garden”

  1. Love this poem. I share the “my happy soul flourishing in the dirt” . And I love the line “wishing for more places” at the end. Thank you for this poem.

  2. “I grow hopeful abundant dreams of good things to come” touched my Soul. Tending to the soil and “bonding with the earth in a whole new way”…beautiful. Soul and Soil – different only by a vowel. Thank you and hugs for sharing.

  3. Laura, I love this poem and your telling of your little piece of heaven. Your hard work and the satisfying joy you feel from tending your 12×12 space is inspiring. Hope we get some rain!

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