Deliveroo Rider

I want to thank you good people for gathering around
To listen to what I’m about to put down.
My topic for today is Deliveroo
A food platform founded by … Read more

Tango Pantheon

In each corner of Buenos Aires, lampposts whisper tango stories,
a damp chronopio hidden under the rubble of a once thriving land
climbs his way stealthily with a maverick’s heart … Read more

A Gorey Moment

Image from https://pixabay.com

I sometimes have a Gorey moment

wondering what could have been

if the hanging chads

hadn’t hung,

or if Gore had hung up

his gentleman’s suit

and … Read more

David and Goliath

David took five smooth stones
from a stream to fight
Goliath—nine feet tall, carrying
javelin, spear, and sword.
The giant’s people, Philistines, crafted
drones, hypersonic missiles—
secrets to success in … Read more

A More Modest Proposal

Let’s not gripe over our Supreme Judiciary
taking advantage of, and making merry

with, rich folks’ money and gifts galore –
travel, art, guns, opera tickets, more.

After all, what … Read more

The Rattiest Cities

need a good place
to put them, to
live, decay, away
from the too-tempestuous
everyday. But

rodents aren’t the only
vermin teetering about.
thankfully, we can
freeze them,
as long … Read more

He’s Making a List

A year after American politics slid downhill
on a golden escalator, we were at The Whitney.
Urs Fischer’s “Standing Julian” was
melting. The giant Schnabel candle had lost
its head … Read more

Mural: October 2023

 Ever since the world ended
There’s no more black-and-white
            -Mose Allison

Image generated by Jeremy Nathan Marks using Bing Chat Enterprise

The candidate with sideburns and cavalier
hair says it’s … Read more


 Science is being halted in its tracks.
        — Dean Schillinger

“Science is being halted in its tracks.”
The right wing’s exasperated by the truth;
being free to lie means the … Read more

Life Is Like Moon

For Mahsa Amini and the Woman, Life, Freedom movement in Iran

Life is Jina
Jina is Mahsa —

the full circle of light
witness to struggle

Say her name—

The … Read more