United States of America

And the word of the year is….

I’m looking at the words line up,
each word corralled for further scrutiny.
We, pronouncing each,
puzzle over preferences for
one word,
one utterance summing up turmoils
and triumphs for … Read more

Motives on Display

The iconic Macy’s store
in downtown Philadelphia, home
of Santa and the Charles Dickens
Christmas Village, is closed today.
Tomorrow, too. Its trains are quiet. Its doors,
draped in yellow … Read more

A Gorey Moment

Image from https://pixabay.com

I sometimes have a Gorey moment

wondering what could have been

if the hanging chads

hadn’t hung,

or if Gore had hung up

his gentleman’s suit

and … Read more


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of the 80th school shooting
this year I lead the charge
for citizens’ resistance,
no more locking metal storage units,
prayers puffy-eyed,
instead, we eye CQB training videos
drill positions … Read more

A More Modest Proposal

Let’s not gripe over our Supreme Judiciary
taking advantage of, and making merry

with, rich folks’ money and gifts galore –
travel, art, guns, opera tickets, more.

After all, what … Read more

He’s Making a List

A year after American politics slid downhill
on a golden escalator, we were at The Whitney.
Urs Fischer’s “Standing Julian” was
melting. The giant Schnabel candle had lost
its head … Read more

The Burning Face

If I believed in hell,
I’d tell you what I saw
was Robert E. Lee’s
bearded face burning
red hot with shame

for giving his heart
to that cause, “the … Read more



You don’t remember what you were
given on the way here … A pale moth
labours sideways across and inter-
section under which you sit listening to,

The National, … Read more

It’s Time

Prayers for Lewiston, Maine

The morning after horror,
at lanes regularly reserved
for just-in-time fun,
the city of Lewiston
remains still,
shocked, and silent —
its streets quiet. Red maples… Read more


 Science is being halted in its tracks.
        — Dean Schillinger

“Science is being halted in its tracks.”
The right wing’s exasperated by the truth;
being free to lie means the … Read more

State of a Union

An Abecedarian in Support of Labor

almost instantaneously, anchors across the nation
broadcast updates as Biden, in a UAW baseball
cap, walks the picket line to
demonstrate solidarity with labor … Read more