Issue #68 Oct 08, 2023

The Smallest Victim


Hipochryfa’s hankie
Trampled in the mud.
But she can’t move on
Through the ever-flowing present
Spewed into a full-stop
By the roaring flood.
And they all told her,
Stop … Read more


 Science is being halted in its tracks.
        — Dean Schillinger

“Science is being halted in its tracks.”
The right wing’s exasperated by the truth;
being free to lie means the … Read more


After my Thursday night routine of a six-pack,
I’d steadied my nerves for a morning with pencil
pushers in my office, where the cleaning crew
had taken odds, as if … Read more

State of a Union

An Abecedarian in Support of Labor

almost instantaneously, anchors across the nation
broadcast updates as Biden, in a UAW baseball
cap, walks the picket line to
demonstrate solidarity with labor … Read more


I was amazed, stunned, stupefied

To see her at last, hanging there.

But: so small, so puny when I was

Expecting something immense, larger-

Than-life, fit for her worldwide

Reputation, … Read more