An OK State Motto


A woman wipes her eyes –
allergic to the taste of metallic
blood pooling on the tongue from biting
so hard to prevent comments that
leave her feeling less than?
Or mourning the loss of
choice for a body belonging to
one owner, sharing likeness and soul?

About the Poem

There are more and more laws coming to the table around abortion rights, and women are still being seen as less than a person while not being given a choice that should be theirs. For those pro-life advocates who use religion as a backdrop, aren’t those beliefs meant to serve the greater good and treat people kindly?

About the Author

Amanda Karch self-published her first poetry collection, Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow, in 2020, selling almost 200 copies in its first year. Her nonfiction debut, Poetic Potential: Sparking Change & Empowerment Through Poetry was released in December 2021 through New Degree Press. You can find her on social media @akkwriting.

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