AM 567

I never thought
the Charlie Watts
conceived by
James filling in
for Phil on Radio 3
Hong Kong I used to think
jaded about the Stones we were
small have to be
jaded James
is calling
death not
a good
a heritage

About the Poem

Shortly after the passing of Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer, I was listening to Jumpin’ Jack Flash on a Hong Kong radio station (Charlie Watts tribute begins 3 minutes, 44 seconds into the show). I live in New York where the 12-hour difference creates the conditions for this piece. Watts died on August 24, 2021.

About the Author

Tracy Quan is a contributor to Hustling Verse: An Anthology of Sex Workers’ Poetry and author of the bestselling novel Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl. Her poems have been published by Love’s Executive Order, Los Angeles Review of Books, Newest York, and Poets Reading the News.

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