Alito Draft Causes Sonnick* Boom

A draft leaked from the bowels of SCOTUS
Putting our country’s women on notice:
States can own your womb, from cradle to tomb
No one can stop this, not even POTUS

When five court Supremes are willing to diss
Their pledge to respect stare decisis
Pro-choicers will wail: this is betrayal
While ardent pro-lifers wallow in bliss

A country divided is not a concern
When devotional fires too hotly burn
It’s not all about, traditions they flout
No, deception pays is the lesson to learn

Abortion’s just first, what else is done for?
Birth control, gay marriage and so much more

* Sonnet/limerick mashup

About the Poem

The leaked draft opinion by Justice Alito that would overturn Roe v. Wade has the country in turmoil. This poem tries to encapsulate the controversy and where we’re headed if the draft becomes the final ruling.

About the Author

Rick Blum has been chronicling life’s vagaries, often with a humorous spin, for more than 30 years. Currently, he is holed up in his office in Massachusetts trying to pen the perfect bio, which he plans to share as soon as he stops laughing at the sheer futility of this effort.

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