A Trace of Light

A trace of light falls upon
the land of Ukraine where
a forgotten child is left alone
with his own private sorrows,
where God has turned His
burning eyes knowing there
is no hope for tomorrow,
the printed words of a newspaper
half burnt, half-covered in dust.
The little boy, only ten years old,
left undiscovered for so long amid
the absence of any life, only dead
remains while those who have fled
wish for new lives, mourn for their
missing families who never made
it. Some of them leave wearing
only the same clothes day after day,
unable to bathe, growing bony from
starvation, such little water to pass
around, waiting inside bus stations
for Biden’s much-promised land:
manna they long to taste in their
hearts and on their tongue, prayers
barely scarce left behind their once
loved homes. The youngest, if they
live long enough, will write their
biographies preserving their names
and their once beautiful land.

About the Poem

About the travesties inside Ukraine.

About the Author

Bobbi Sinha-Morey lives in Central Point, Oregon. She writes poetry at her leisure, in the morning and at night. She loves cooking, pilates, aerobics, knitting, and reading. Some of her favorite writers are Daphne Du Maurier and Phyllis A. Whitney. She loves 60’s rock music and is a fan of the 70’s TV show “Charlie’s Angels.”

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