July 2023


no limb
this animal
whisker not

burdened by
one mammoth




morph into

be picturesque

will be

the flavor
not the
fact… Read more

Seeing Myself as a Mayan Mother

Thousands of years ago,
Mayans built superhighways
connecting impressive cities
later abandoned, now buried
beneath miles of jungle.

Like the dinosaur demise,
scientists can only speculate
what happened to the … Read more

Shattered like glass

For Azaan Khan

An innocent life shattered like glass:
handlebar dreams once pure and bright.
United we stand at the Berkley impasse

because of a drunken monster of gas.
Threats … Read more

When they kick in

your instincts may lead you
to the ocean’s floor or
the banks of a sandy beach,

whether you’re a fish
or human, or some species
in between. You may be … Read more


Those sudden shifts …
Wind at midnight rattles windows.
A girl finishes with imagination before morning
And wakes from a nightmare.
The father stops the glass of water.
The nurse … Read more

Some Lake in Ukraine

The dam broke Wednesday and the Dnieper waters poured.
Now Kakhovka reservoir can’t be fished in, anymore.
That Concrete wall rose 98 feet—98 feet from deep to peak!
Then it … Read more

Going Deep

How far down can you go
before colliding with your dreams?
Do they sink, will they float,
can you strap them on and fly
where nobody has flown before.
Is … Read more